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June 2017

Why letting go to find yourself completes your vacation. We lose connection with our true Self simply because we are over stimulated, over worked and under rested. With over approximately 35,000 decisions made in a typical day, we are spent. These conscious decisions take energy. Unless we purposefully recharge, we set ourselves up for dis-ease. Book times for relaxing, reconnection and renewing with energyintravel.com

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of the Soul

June 2017

Do you know why walking along the beach looking for shells is a favorite past time for people of all ages? It's because we are searching, moving and discovering with intention. EnergyinTravel vacations encourage you to do exactly that. Our special vacations give you opportunities to move forward while encouraging you to grow from the inside. Perhaps you will find the pearl hidden within yourself.

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Relax, reconnect, renew

Cindy Kyparissis

Your Travel Expert

I aspire to bring the two things I love together, travel and spirituality,
and combine them to create one of a kind spiritual travel opportunities for you.


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